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Training & Assessment

Don't Settle for Mediocre


At Recruitco we understand that customers have different needs for training and assessment. This is why we offer tailored training solutions that will allow you to choose what is right for you and your team. Whether it be: Leadership Training, establishing a Mission Statement and set of Company Values, or How to conduct a Performance Appraisal, Recruitco provides the most up to date information for your staff to understand what the expectations of them are. Our success in delivering these solutions has helped many customers develop their teams by building capacity and knowledge of key skills required in the modern world of work.


Training Benefits:

  • Improved productivity
  • Understanding obligations
  • Improved team culture
  • Greater profitability


Investment in your team is critical to the growth of your business. Recruitco’s Training & Assessment professionals can help you unlock the potential of your business by utilising the talents within your staff.  For more information on what tailored training solution we can provide to your business, contact Recruitco.


Unfortunately not all ‘new hires’ work out which causes a range of issues for employers. The cost, the lost productivity, the potential damage to your brand and perception of customers and your top performing staff can all be adverse effects of making the wrong hire.


To reduce the incidence of this, Recruitco recommends using recruitment assessments. This allows you to determine what personal attributes are considered essential and desirable in order to undertake a role within your business successfully. Equally important, it also allows you to incorporate what undesirable traits you don’t want to see in an applicant. By allowing you to customise these traits and behaviours in order of importance to the role, it provides the basis for determining the overall suitability of a candidate to a position.


Assessments allow you to engage and retain top talent and build high performing teams. They help align people’s qualifications, wants, needs, passions and goals to the requirements of your organisation and specific jobs.

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