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Recruitco have been assisting our clients with recruitment, HR and WHS&E issues for over a decade.


In discussions we have been asked “could you do our Payroll”? – The answer is yes!

Streamline your Payroll Management

Streamline your payroll management with, electronic timesheets, award conditions interpretation, expenses, annual leave and much more.


Recruitco Payroll Service Offers a full range of outsourced payroll services. Our experienced team will look after everything from setting up each payroll, award calculation pay and conditions, paying your employees, submitting each payroll to the bank or you, calculating tax, superannuation and WorkCover payment’s on your behalf and processing end of year payment summaries

The Benefits to Your Organisation



Recruitco does it for you


Bank-grade encryption keeps your data safe



We are qualified and registered BAS Agents



Your own dedicated Payroll Manager


We never go on leave or have a sick day



Commissions, Bonuses, Eligible Termination Payments etc.

Recruitco will seamlessly integrate into your organisation and provide excellent levels of service, reducing your processing costs and administrative burden. We will also ensure that you remain legally complaint with ever changing legislation.

We enable our clients to focus on their core business confident in the knowledge that their employees, wages, payments, pay slips and reports will be legally compliant and delivered on time.

Wether it be a single or multiple cost divisions, sites or states, we design a timesheet for your organisation which includes individual and corporate access to payroll data i.e. Leave LSL accumulation.


Recruitco’s payroll Service can be used for companies of any size or complexity.

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