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It’s Our Culture

Recruitco’s culture revolves around Safety. Our daily exposure to commercial and industrial workplaces provides us with the necessary experience to identify potential gaps in WHS&E systems. We work with our clients and employees to minimise potential Hazards and help to control compliance issues.

Recruitco offer WHS&E Management Systems Auditing and Training which may contain the following:

  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA).
  • Site Maps.
  • Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS).
  • Job Dictionaries.
  • Return to Work Coordination.
  • Work Health & Safety Plans.
  • Incident/Injury Reporting & Investigation
  • Induction Templates.
  • Risk Assessments.
  • Site Inspections.

The benefits to our clients include:

Reduce the Risk of Injury on Your Worksite

Reduce Injury Frequence

Save Money on Insurance Levies

Improve the Productivity of Your Workforce

all coming down to you

Breathing Easy Knowing You Comply with Safety Legislation

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